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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

With Spring only a matter of days away, Studio 54 have some Spring cleaning tips to help you to prepare for the start of warmer weather, longer days, and more importantly your Summer wardrobe! But where to start? Don’t worry we have some handy Spring cleaning tips to get you started! Before we get underway with our tips, it’s important to remember that everything can’t all be done at once. Inside, appreciate the results of cleaning each room at a time,...

Happy New Year 2018

New Year, New Bedroom

If the New Year calls for a new bedroom in your home, Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms are here to provide a range of design ideas. Whether a New Year, New Bedroom means a complete change of décor or simply a good clear out in time for a new wardrobe coming, we’re here to help. Here at Studio 54 we have over 25 years of experience in providing services for fitted bedrooms, so no matter what, we’ll get the look you...

Fitted Bedroom

How a Sliding Wardrobe Can Transform Your Bedroom

In our experience, most people tend to looking for something to do with their bedrooms that is completely new and different from previous decor. In these cases, you should know that a sliding wardrobe can transform your bedroom in many ways. Sliding or fitted wardrobes can both be built into the walls of the room. This means that they are truly part of the room and the house. Many people will not want to change the arrangement even when they're considering...

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

5 Reasons To Love Sliding Wardrobe Doors

A Helpful Blog By Studio 54… We’ve been installing tailor-made, bespoke office and bedroom furniture throughout Scotland for many years now, and our sliding wardrobe doors are a very popular choice. This is why we’ve decided to discuss 5 reasons to love sliding wardrobe doors in this blog post. So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons to love sliding wardrobe doors. They’re Perfect For Smaller Spaces In smaller bedrooms, doors that open outwards can significantly reduce the usable space in a room,...


Spring Styles

Welcome to Spring 2017! With styles and trends constantly changing, each season of the year can inspire a new trend to watch. In this month’s blog post we are going to give a few pointers on the Spring Styles to look out for. From colours to collections or styles, keeping your home stylish and on trend couldn’t be easier with Studio 54. We have picked some of our favourite styles for Spring to help make your home as trendy as...

Wardrobe Storage

Wardrobe Storage Tips

Having trouble organising your wardrobe? That can be caused by your storage. In order to organise your wardrobe effectively, the way you store your clothes, shoes, bags etc. must be easy to manage. From colour coding to storing your clothes in similar items such as your jumpers, you will find your organisation is fixed at the same time. To help with both your storage and organising, we have devised a few helpful pointers to ensure that your wardrobe is effortlessly...

Clutter Free Home

Making Your House and Home Clutter-Free in 2017

As well as new resolutions, the New Year also brings the time for reflection on the year past and the opportunity to review your future goals. What better way is there to bring on the new beginnings and fresh start than by putting your home back in order after the Christmas break. For a quick refresh, remember that ‘less is more’, if your rooms feel crowded, start with a thorough clean and tidy. For the next step, pick out furniture which...


Trends to Watch in 2017

With 2017 just a few days away, we have done our research and found 6 of the top interior trends that you need to watch out for. To help create fresh ideas for your own home, we are going to be giving you the trends but no explanation, so that you can either research further or adapt it in your own way. So have fun in 2017 and enjoy decorating your home to the latest styles and trends. Happy New...

bed 2

Understanding Your Style

With most of your time likely to be spent at home, be it cooking, spending time with the family or in your bedroom, it’s almost certain that you want a clean, impressive home. But this can often become difficult when you don’t know your style of the kind of look you’re going for. So, to help you to keep the same theme or overall look through your home, Studio 54 have some useful ideas or key points to help you...