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Fitted Bedroom

How a Sliding Wardrobe Can Transform Your Bedroom

In our experience, most people tend to looking for something to do with their bedrooms that is completely new and different from previous decor. In these cases, you should know that a sliding wardrobe can transform your bedroom in many ways. Sliding or fitted wardrobes can both be built into the walls of the room. This means that they are truly part of the room and the house. Many people will not want to change the arrangement even when they’re considering a move. So this is much more beneficial as no moving or layout change is required when it comes to redecorating. This will give you full comfort in knowing that your wardrobe has been built with a tight and sturdy structure. But what are the reasons to get a sliding wardrobe? Let’s find out…

Reasons to Get a Sliding Wardrobe



Most people want versatility in their design, and they will certainly be able to get it with sliding wardrobes. There are lots of designs possible with Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms.

There are also storage solutions and partitions that will give people the opportunity to properly customise the interiors of their wardrobes. Organisation is key! This will give them the opportunity to really organise their clothes and everything else in a new way, while changing the look of their rooms.

Installation Process

It is relatively easy for people to install sliding wardrobe doors and they can make all the difference to a room. They will find it that much easier to make the improvements that they want to their rooms. While fitting the doors will require some work, a lot of people will still be able to do this sort of thing themselves with minimal input from the experts. Being able to do all of this independently may make all the difference in the world for a lot of homeowners.

Storage Space

Having more storage space is often a priority for the people who are putting in new wardrobes in the first place. It isn’t surprising that this is one of the largest benefits associated with getting a sliding wardrobe. Many of these sliding wardrobes will incorporate surplus floor space. People who have small rooms in particular will often benefit from the fact that it is possible to make use of seemingly useful space when sliding wardrobes are involved.

People don’t seem to realise how much space they lose with the doors that open outwards. However, if they actually try to use the space that is occupied by the span of the door, they will more or less have to move everything that is there all the time when they open the wardrobe door. With a sliding wardrobe, this is no longer a problem for anyone.

The fact that it is possible to store nearly everything in one of these wardrobes should be tremendously useful for all. Shelving, drawers, and hanging rails should also allow people to design the wardrobes in the way that they want them from the inside. By doing so, you can plan out exactly what you intend to store first. It’s as easy as that!

Sliding Wardrobe

Get a Sliding Wardrobe For Yourself!

Choose Studio 54 Fitted Bedrooms and get a sliding wardrobe for yourself. Enjoy the various benefits of having a new, fitted wardrobe and look no further than our range. We offer various designs to suit all tastes, and are very accommodating to budget too. Want to know more? Great! Simply call our team today on 01506 443 400 for more information.

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