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Trends to Watch in 2017

With 2017 just a few days away, we have done our research and found 6 of the top interior trends that you need to watch out for. To help create fresh ideas for your own home, we are going to be giving you the trends but no explanation, so that you can either research further or adapt it in your own way. So have fun in 2017 and enjoy decorating your home to the latest styles and trends. Happy New Year!

Fitted Bedroom

The trends are hot off the drawing board and ready to be showcased in homes up and down the country. With each person sure to take the trends and make them their own, Studio 54 are excited to see how the new trends turn out for real. We have found 6 of the best trends you need to watch out for and they’re all brilliant! They’ve given us some ideas for our bedroom furniture too! So it’s time… Below you can see 6 of our favourite trends for 2017, enjoy them all and adapt to them as you please. The trends we have found for 2017 are:

  1. Marble
  2. Copper
  3. Cork
  4. Back to nature
  5. Repurposed furniture
  6. Jewel tones

So what did you think? Good, we know! They’re all fantastic in their own way, easily adaptable and can be done on any budget too. We’re excited to see how the new trends unfold throughout 2017 and are really looking forward to it. Whether you use these trends in one room, one piece of furniture or your entire house, we would love to see how you do. Via Facebook or Twitter you can send in the finished results to show us how you got on. From all of us here at Studio 54, we wish you luck in your decorating and hope you are excited for 2017 as much as we are.

For more inspiration on your interior trends, Domain have released a blog with some great examples of trends you’re sure to love.

Studio 54

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