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Understanding Your Style

With most of your time likely to be spent at home, be it cooking, spending time with the family or in your bedroom, it’s almost certain that you want a clean, impressive home. But this can often become difficult when you don’t know your style of the kind of look you’re going for. So, to help you to keep the same theme or overall look through your home, Studio 54 have some useful ideas or key points to help you to understand your style. This will not only help you to achieve the home of your dreams, but it can help make your house feel like a home that you can completely enjoy knowing that you’ve put your own stamp on it!

Fitted Bedroom

Plain or Extravagant?

Are you more into a simplistic look or something bold? Either way, understanding your style is key to decorating your home exactly to your tastes. Just remember, it may look brilliant, but you’re going to be living there so you need to love it! Deciding the kind of look you’re going for prior to decorating is vital otherwise you could end up with various themes, styles or looks in one room! If you’re going with shabby chic stick to the theme or if you’re working with one colour, don’t mix in others as you could be disappointed with the end result.

Plan or Imagine Your Finished Look

Just like when you’re planning to go to a party and you plan your outfit, you’ll need to do just that with your room too. This way, you know exactly how you want your room to look. It may not turn out completely the same, but it will have the same finish to it like you’d hope. This will be a win-win for you as you’ve not wasted any time or money on other decorations or finishes to the room for it to spoil it, you’ve kept exactly in line with how you planned the room to look and the hard work has paid off.

We hope that these simple tips or questions help with your decorating and assist you in understanding your style and the type of look you wish to go for.

Studio 54

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