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Wardrobe Storage

Wardrobe Storage Tips

Having trouble organising your wardrobe? That can be caused by your storage. In order to organise your wardrobe effectively, the way you store your clothes, shoes, bags etc. must be easy to manage. From colour coding to storing your clothes in similar items such as your jumpers, you will find your organisation is fixed at the same time. To help with both your storage and organising, we have devised a few helpful pointers to ensure that your wardrobe is effortlessly managed and your clothes can be found and stored with ease.

Ten Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe

Studio 54 have put together ten tips for organising your wardrobe, which will also take care of the storage factor of your wardrobe too. Whether you’re looking for a solution to organisation or clear storage, our tips are sure to point you in the right direction, if not give you a starting point for your wardrobe. So here is goes, our ten tips for organising AND maintaining an easy storage layout in your wardrobe are…

  1. Colour co-ordinate
  2. Sort your wardrobe with most-used items at front
  3. Have sections in the wardrobe for shoes, jumpers, skirts, tops, shorts etc.
  4. Fold where possible
  5. Use hangers that can hold multiple items
  6. Use the ‘if I haven’t wore it in 6 months, throw it’ rule
  7. Consider a shoe rack for more space
  8. Made to measure wardrobes have more storage
  9. Don’t hoard your clothes – de-clutter every 6 months
  10. Order all draws, racks and shelves

Extra tip: dividers in drawers are Amazing! They’re extremely effective for socks, ties, and scarves and make finding your accessories quick and easy!

Call Studio 54

If you’re ready to upgrade your storage space with a sliding wardrobe, turn to Studio 54 for help. Our team will be there every step of the way to ensure that all of your needs, interests and requirements are catered for. Don’t miss out!

Studio 54

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